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Ragout-Nov./Dec. 2006

During the last months of 2006, Ragged Edge Online readers posted the thoughts, articles and essays below on our site.

After 2006, Ragged Edge Online is no longer supporting this feature.
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Disability Blog Carnival # 5 writes on December 14, 2006,

Come join us on The Planet of the Blind. There's a great carnival thanks to all the bloggers who contributed....

. . . (MORE)

Elouise Burrell writes on November 22, 2006,

Announcing an upcoming workshop….

Freedom From Violence: Preventing Violence Against Women With Disabilities

A Workshop for Disability Service Providers and
Domestic/Sexual Violence Prevention Advocates . . . (MORE)

RL Grubbs writes on November 15, 2006,

Action Alert From Easter Seals/ Project ACTION

Attention Wheelchair Users, Scooter and Other Mobility Device Users: Help Remove Barriers and Improve Access to Public Transit and Paratransit Services

*Do you have experiences to shar. . . (MORE)

Patrick Wm. Connally writes on November 12, 2006,

The Unemployment of People with Disabilities Industry

Ed Roberts was a controversial figure, not only for selling the American public and most of the world on the idea people with disabilities could live outside of institutions but that t. . . (MORE)

Darrell Deeds writes on November 05, 2006,

Why are we viewed as Aliens

Since I have been physically limited since the age of 11, I have wanted to phone home many times the way ET phoned home. I understand this is not possible with earth being our home. This is why we try . . . (MORE)

Cass Irvin writes on November 05, 2006,

I can't sing and I can't dance but I can vote. (I can sing, actually -- but I shouldn't -- at least not in public.)

I can vote and people who know me well know I am big on voting. It is important to me because it makes me equal to nondis. . . (MORE)

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