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Give Me Dignity or Give Me Death
For more information about assisted suicide and right-to-die issues, see:
  • The Not Dead Yet page, with its National Heroes Project, "an eleventh hour plan of action ... resisting the legalization of 'mercy killing' ... proposed by Free Hand Press, Inc./Mouth magazine." This page includes an excellent discussion of the issues and many additional Web links.
  • Your Rights Versus Institutionalized Healthcare, a thought-provoking essay on "How to Stay Alive: One Step Ahead of Your Doctor Should the Supreme Court Decide Otherwise" by Dorothy Guellec.
  • Law Journal EXTRA! - The Web Site for Lawyers, frequently updated, which often covers right-to-die issues from a legal perspective.
Christopher Reeve
For more information about Christopher Reeve, see:
  • The Christopher Reeve Page. Although this is primarily a fan page, it contains links to news coverage of his injury.
My Own Private Roosevelt
For more information about FDR and his proposed memorial, see:
Questions of Origin
Although Kenny Fries' publisher hasn't placed information about his book on its Website yet, you'll want to keep checking and maybe leave them a little E-Mail asking why it's not listed.
More disability-related links
Legal Information, ADA links
"The Disability Rag"
To order our "Ragged Edge" anthology and back copies of "The Disability Rag":


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