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Blogs of entry

Was it less than two years ago when we looked around for disability blogs and could find only a handful? Today there are hundreds if not thosands of bloggers writing about disability.

What's a person to do when there are only so many hours in the day, and hours and hours of good blog surfing to be done?

What one does is make a very short list. Herewith, my list:

I have to admit that as time passes I find myself starting my blog surfing most days with a visit to two blogs: Disability Studies, Temple U and The Gimp Parade. Between the two, I learn a lot about what's going on in the disability blogging world.

There are many many very good blogs out there -- ones I try to visit often. Others, I'll admit, have only warranted a visit or two. Some focus too much on the medical aspects of disability to be of much interest to Ragged Edge. Others seem to change infrequently. But I know I'm almost sure of finding something new at Disability Studies, Temple U and The Gimp Parade. So I start with those.

And these two blogs seem to maintain nice, updated blogrolls, too -- so I can find out about new disability blogs there as well.

I also make it a point to visit Sam Bagenstos' Disability Law blog -- a really good source for breaking news about the latest in significant disability legal developments. It's timely, it's usually short -- and Sam makes legal stuff easy to understand even for us non-lawyer types.


Hey, thanks for the plug!

In the past couple of months, the Disability Blog Carnival has been launched to address just this abundance of disability blogging. So I hope folks will look for that, every other week, hosted at various blogs (#4 will be at Diary of a Goldfish, next Thursday--deadline for submissions is next Monday). Here's the page where you can submit posts for inclusion, get links to past carnivals, and see who's hosting when:


The Captcha verification system at blogcarnival.com is an obstacle for some; as an alternative, folks are welcome to email me or the upcoming host to submit your links.

Mary, thanks for this. I have to note that one of the best things about blogging on disability is adding to the blogroll. I started out being fairly strict about who I included with regard to how savvy each blogger seemed to be about disability rights and the social model.

The longer I blog, the more I find that line getting blurred. For myself, the experience of serious illness in the past year has been so intricately tied to disability issues that I frequently toy with that line by writing about my medical experiences.

And other bloggers, some who usually only write about medication adjustments or the latest doctor visit, surprise me by commenting in very political terms on my site. So the criteria for my blogroll has slowly changed. But I find myself absolutely gleeful and proud about the continuing growth of that list.

One thing about blogging regularly, I find it competes with my time to comment on other people's writing, particularly the many challenges you've thrown out here, of late.

I like CharlesDawson blog in the UK:
He is a great writer, and you can always find interesting insight in his blog.

Hey! No fair! LOL

Only kiddin' Thanks for the opportunity to post where others interested in grass roots Civil Rights for PWD's can find me among the thousands of great blogs out there.

My blog is primarily news that affects the disabilities community, in terms of civil rights in ones own 'hood. Of course this has wider interest, or should have.

For example, on Oct 30, Cambridge MA tried to have me arrested in a public City Council meeting, and sent me a letter telling me in the future my "dog" (my service dog) would not be allowed in! LOL Cambridge is NOD's most recent Most Accessible City in America award recipient! Haha! What a joke! I wrote a letter back, and went to the next meeting acompianied by my partner, my service dog. Don't let the rich, powerful, and politically connected deny you your civil rights!

If you have a blog you think I would like to visit, leave a comment, or two, on one of the stories on my blog, and I will drop by.

Take care