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A little history about this website

Ragged Edge Online launched in January, 1997 -- back then we called the site "Electric Edge." You can wander back through the years, if you're interested, at http://www.raggededgemagazine.com/archiveindex.htm

Or you might want to browse by topic area -- our home page has links in the left-hand column. Or browse the selected articles from our archives, also found on the home page. Or use our search feature at the top of our home page. There are thousands of articles on this site; make a bookmark and plan to visit often.

The Advocado Press, publisher of this website, was incorporated in March, 1981 to publish the newsprint magazine, The Disability Rag, which began in 1980.

The Disability Rag was around for 16 years (see this 1986 article about The Disability Rag from The Washington Post archives), then changed its name to Ragged Edge -- and got a makeover and this website -- in 1997.

If you want to get a taste of that early disability rights publication, The Ragged Edge anthology offers you the disability experience from the pages of the first 15 years of The Disability Rag. This book is available through amazon.com .