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Ptarmigan Village: Nightly Condo Rentals Montana resort fights access A pretty resort in the Glacier National Park ski area of Whitefish, Montana, is the scene of some ugly business. PTARMIGAN VILLAGE says it doesn't have to provide access. MORE.

Itzhak Perlman 20 years of hit-or-miss access
"Inept airline personnel strapped my young paraplegic husband to a 18-inch-wide luggage carrier, tilted him backward and announced to all the onboard passengers, 'Please be seated while we transport a handicapped passenger!' " NORMA SHERRY writes that we still have a long way to go. MORE.

The Supreme Court's Catch-22
I Am Sam' gets it right (from Inclusion Daily)
Off The Bus
Holy Ground: Laguna Honda Amid Fears of Terrorism
A Kick in the Face
Mercy at Will
Evacuation Thoughts
ADAPT issues recommendations to HHS on Olmstead implementation
Begging: reviving a tradition
Funding for institution stalls Olmstead progress in Illinois
"Stop Sutton" campaign moves into high gear against Bush's nominee to 6th Circuit
Casey Martin's Cart: Coverage of the Supreme Court verdict
"Ethics and Orphans: the Monster Study" in the San Jose Mercury News
"Stay in your house!" Jerry Lewis tells crips
Mental Retardation and the Death Penalty in the U. S. A
Lawmaker picks wrong time to park in 'handicapped' space
Democracy Needs A Ramp
Fresno Activist Killed, City Refuses Curb Cuts
NCIL urges action against ADA Notification Act
Fates of Inmates Penry, McCarver Linked
Some bristle at autism series in L.A. Times
Eugenics: Making a Comeback?
'Disabled for A Day,' Reporter Finds Frustration and Stigma
The Supreme Court Garrett Decision
Robert Wendland and the media
Sexism, handicappism
Atty. Gen. nominee John Ashcroft no friend of disability rights
Casey Martin before Supreme Court
Nike and the "drooling husk" ad
Eatery wants able-bodied workers only
Telethon Time Fun with Jerry Lewis
American Workers Shackled by Antiquated Law
Father's Day 2000, by Dick Sobsey
A Waiting Game: The ADA's Title II is not in force in the 8th Circuit.
Reading Peter Singer -- and Protesting Him
Courts renew attack on ADA; say Title II 'unconstitutional'.
Courts have not really accepted the premises of the ADA.
What the June 22 Supreme Court rulings mean.
The ADA was meant to cover all of us.
Georgette Smith, Shirley Egan and us.
More on the ADA Supreme Court cases.

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