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Morgan Spurlock's Apology

Morgan Spurlock's exercise in free speech last week seems discouragingly similar in feel to the nastiness emanating from Tara McAvoy's death, which we wrote about in yesterday's World-O-Blogs entry.


A spurious apology? Sorry, sometimes I can't help myself when it comes to puns. :)

I think this blog entry provides an interesting response. The blogger responds to the removal of the disabled students from the room:

The act of removing those with special needs from the auditorium so they can't enjoy a speech that actually includes them in a joke shows your ignorance of what it really means to be disabled. It also sets a bad example for the rest of the school. Mr. Spurlock went on for an hour after that, so it must mean it's OK to joke about the retarded so long as they're not present. Let's make it easier for the "norms" to laugh by removing the ones being made fun of. If you had a public speaker who made a joke about African-Americans, would the teachers lead out all of the black students from the room? What do you think would happen if the teachers tried this? Don't you think you'd get serious attitude from the black students? Of course you would. So why is it OK to treat the disabled like this?

From: http://community.livejournal.com/no_pity/431950.html

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