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Casualties of the war at home

We hear about the deaths in Iraq, deaths caused by our government's wrongheaded war. Plenty of people are up in arms about that.

Our government causes deaths at home, too -- but the outrage over that, when it even exists, is muted.


There is such little outrage over these issues its pathetic. I too know someone that cannot afford his medications.....he was a police officer hit in the line of duty and cannot afford his medication.
Such will happen to the vets as they come home from the Afghanistan and Iraq.....no money for food and drugs and many facing their lives as disabled Americans thrown to the curb.
Until there is more attention brought into the media....these people will die a lonely life....and others like you and me will understand and feel their pain.

Sometimes people don't seem to give a damn about anyone else. I have becker muscular dystrophy and would never want to live in a nursing home.
Here in Sweden most people with disabilities receive in-home help.
Just living with a disability/disease is hard.
Nursing homes kill peoplpe indirectly.
they become passive and depressed.
The state of Florida is destroying a young man's life.

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