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"New" and "special" in Utah

What's "new"? That's the question a federal appeals court is taking up this week. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals will decide the case filed by longtime disablity rights activist Barb Toomer in Salt Lake City against local cab companies for refusing to purchase wheelchair-accessible vehicles.


Shouldn't ambulances be dispatched to handle MEDICAL emergencies? Seems a slippery slope (and unnecessary expense) to start sending them for routine transportation needs. I'd hate to have to call an ambulance to accompany my son to the airport--the only times he's been in an ambulance have been to go straight to the ER. Do they let wheel-free friends of the wheelchair user ride in the ambulance too? Or does the mixed-abilities party need to order two cabs--er, a cab and an ambulance?

Penny writes, "Shouldn't ambulances be dispatched to handle MEDICAL emergencies?"

Well, I suppose that's how we activists see it (smile.) It's funny, though: I was reminded by another commenter on another post about Daily Kos, which I'd posted things to in the past, but abandoned for awhile. So this a.m. I posted this blog entry to my Daily Kos diary. Not too long after I'd posted it came this comment:

What is the real impact of this decision?  If "every" vehicle needs to be handicap equipped, then you're packing around hundreds of pounds of extra hardware for limited use.  I absolutely believe that their outsourcing arrangement fits the identified need.


I keep having to remind myself that Kos is supposed to be a liberal blog site.

Ha, Kos stopped being a liberal site some time ago. http://boomantribune.com is a much more progressive site, you may get some more thoughtful discourse there, i've been there for awhile now.

[found this post via penny's blog]

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