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Corruption near home

"Most everybody in the independent living movement has heard the horror tales from the state independent living council in Indiana (ICOIL) – from the KKK wizard serving as chair to the philandering of money into individual pockets to just plain nepotism," writes Kevin Gadsey on hisChaironwheels Blog. "The problem is that this just hasn’t happened for a short time, like most other SILCs – this has been going on for close to a decade!"

And it's continuing, and disgusting. Kevin has the latest in his post from yesterday , And the battle rages on in Indiana . . .

He provides lots of links, too -- so you know it's not just his say-so.

The feds won't do anything about it, it seems. They seem not to care. But it's the disabled people of Indiana, across the river from us, who suffer.