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Parking Crusader Under Attack (with updates)

By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express (subscribe) - with updates from Ragged Edge staff.

Update from the April 6, 2006 Philadelphia Inquirer story, Eagles pair take lumps for parking (Some excerpts from reporter Sam Wood's story):

Municipal Judge Charles Sprigman ordered McNabb to pay a $256 fine and $33 in court costs. Trotter, initially a no-show, appeared after the judge threatened to suspend the linebacker's driver's license. Trotter pleaded guilty to two counts of parking in handicapped spots and will pay $512 in fines and $66 in costs. ...

McNabb's attorney, Raymond Williams, scrambled to contest charges, but the result was about as dismal as the Eagles' last season.

First Williams said there was no way to prove the photographs had been taken Nov. 28 ....

[Then] He questioned whether the section where McNabb's Lincoln Mark LT had been berthed was reserved for the disabled. ....

Williams then presented a doctor's note stating that McNabb had been undergoing surgery for a sports hernia on that date.

At last, McNabb's head of security, Troy Oglesby, took the stand and took the sack.....Oglesby told the judge that state troopers had directed him into the overcrowded parking lot, and that a restaurant employee had told him to park in the spot. He argued that the handicapped sign had been improperly posted. ... Oglesby... compared McNabb to an endangered marine mammal that had been caught in a net set by Cottrell for common fish.

The judge accepted that McNabb was not the driver that night but said: "I find under New Jersey statute 39:4-139.5 that he is in fact the owner, and the statute says he is jointly responsible."

Trotter arrived almost three hours late. After pleading guilty, he offered Cottrell $200 to support her campaign.

Cottrell said she had refused the offer and suggested he donate the money to a school for handicapped children.... (Read entire story.)

GLASSBORO, NJ, March 9, 2006 --Last August, Maryann Cottrell asked a police officer to issue a citation to a downtown Glassboro businessman that she claimed kept parking in a space reserved for people with disabilities. The man didn't seem to have a disability, and did not have a proper permit.

The officer responded that she could do it herself.

It turns out that New Jersey law allows citizens to report parking violators, and requires police and prosecutors to take the accused drivers to court.

Since then, Cottrell has reported about 300 alleged violations, including cars parked by Philadelphia Eagles stars Donovan McNabb and Jeremiah Trotter.

The mother of a 20-year-old daughter who has autism and is blind, Cottrell takes her camera with her when she runs errands around town, and takes snapshots of cars that appear illegally parked.

Her crusade has made her some enemies.

Cottrell, 53, has been prohibited from setting foot on local school property, along with the restaurant where she spotted the football players' cars. Rowan University officials also banned Cottrell from campus grounds. They claim the ban is for Cottrell's own protection, because of a confrontation she had with several students who had surrounded her car.

For those who call Cottrell a 'parking vigilante' she replies, "Something has to be done."

"Unfortunately, I've been sacrificed to the cause."

Tuesday's Gloucester County Times reported that Rowan University has removed four spaces where Cottrell and fellow crusader Richard Holland turned in dozens of students. The lines have been repainted and the spaces turned into a loading zone. School officials said the decision had nothing to do with Cottrell and Holland.

Friday's Asbury Park Press reported briefly that McNabb and Trotter were additionally cited last week for failing to appear in court.

The editorial in Tuesday's Courier-Post criticized the Eagles players for parking in the wrong spaces, and for missing their court dates: "McNabb and Trotter need to apologize, settle their legal case and then understand that, no matter their reason, it's never OK for them or anyone else to park without a required permit in a handicapped spot."

3/10/06 UPDATE: Cottrell and partner Richard Holland have sued the Glassboro, NJ school district and two teachers who, they say, harassed and intimidated them. The suit, filed under the Americans with Disabilties Act, is using a section of the law that prohibits retaliation against people who are using the ADA. (Read stories "Activists sue Glassboro schools" from the Cherry Hill (NJ) Courier-Post and "Activists for disabled sue school district" from the Gloucester (NJ) County Times.)

Their suit focuses on the fact that the school district now requires Cottrell to make an appointment prior to visiting school grounds.

People continue to condemn Cottrell for her activities. One of them is Yamilet Rivera, a Rowan University student who was cited by Cottrell for parking illegally.

From the Courier-Post:

"I'm a special education teacher and I advocate for people with special needs," said Yamilet Rivera, 24, who was found not guilty for occupying part of a handicapped space in front of the student center in October. "(Cottrell) can be proactive in a much more positive way. She's just harassing people."

"Parking crusader issues tickets, makes enemies in college town" (Newsday)

"Parking-abuse outrage proves hard to curb" (Philadelphia Inquirer)

"Philly pro athletes miss their court date" (Asbury Park Press)

"Eagles set a poor example" (Courier-Post)

"Rowan removes handicap spaces" (Gloucester County Times)

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I am a person that was born with various congenital physical Disabilities and my only child was born with Autism and Mental Retardation.

Due to some of my Disabilities, I have some trouble in walking which sometimes I need to use a wheelchair and/or an electric shopping cart. I am also forced to wear ankle-feet braces on both feet while am I awake.

I am legally state-registered in having "Disability Parking Space License Vehicle Tags" and the hanging "Disability Parking Space Vehicle Placard" for my motor vehicle.

In December 2004 on the Monday before Christmas Day, I was at the local post office and there was a local Television News Station van that was parked for TWO HOURS in ONE OF THE THREE "Disability Parking Spaces" reserved for people with Disabilities in the post office parking lot! The Television News Station reporters was ONLY there to do LIVE news reports about the last minute Christmas rush in mailing Christmas mail/packages. The Television News Station van did NOT have "Disability Parking Space License Vehicle Tags" and/or hanging "Disability Parking Space Vehicle Placard"!

Another time, I was at a local grocery story and there was a car that did NOT have "Disability Parking Space License Vehicle Tags" and/or hanging "Disability Parking Space Vehicle Placard"! The SAME car was NOT parked in the empty Disability Parking spaces BUT was parked in front BLOCKING TWO of the empty Disability Parking spaces reserved for people with Disabilities! The Non-Disabled driver was waiting for a person with Disabilities to come out of the grocery store. The way I see it, the Non-Disabled driver did NOT have the legal right to completely block TWO empty Disability Parking spaces reserved for people with Disabilities eventhough the Non-Disabled driver was waiting for their passenger with Disabilities.

At various other times at various local locations, I have personally seen numerous other
Non-Disabled people illegally parked in Disability Parking spaces legally reserved for people with Disabilities only. These people did NOT have "Disability Parking Space License Vehicle Tags" and/or hanging "Disability Parking Space Vehicle Placard" for their motor vehicles.

The way I see it, I think ALL USA states should give people with Disabilities the proper training and the legal right to give legal parking violations tickets to Non-Disabled people who illegally park in Disability Parking spaces reserved for people with Disabilities only.

You'd think that if someone was being harassed to the point where something needeed to be done "for their protection," the people doing the harassing would get banned, not the person being harassed.

I am appalled at the audacity of people that I see every day parking in handicap spots in public places.

What about the spaces that some grocery stores have now added for "Expectant Mothers"???

Other grocery stores in my area (Cub Foods in Minnesota being one example) have spaces added for "Prescription Pick-up Only"?

Kohl's department stores have added a space for "Sales Associate of the month"???

The way I see it, I am forunate to be able to WALK from a distance, and for this I am truly grateful. I am probably one of the minority that purposefully park further away from any location, leaving the closer spots for individuals with disabilities and the elderly. Of course not many people think as I do, which is unfortunate. I count my blessings every day that I am able to drive to a location, park a distance away and actually get out and walk into the building, requiring no assistance from others for from any type of equipment.

I just wish others wouldn't take the ability to walk for granted.

I have actually blocked people in who are illegally parked and waited until the police came. I constantly call the police. In Illinois they have raised the fine again. I agree that every state should allow the disabled to write tickets if an officer cannot come out immediately. You have to be careful though. I actually had one guy stick a gun in my face and threaten to shoot me if I didn't move. I was on the phone with the police and I calmly gave them a description of him and the car description. I have never seen the police in this town respond so quickly. They arrested him and towed his car. I got my parking spot!

To Donna:

In the state of where I live, the parking fine for illegal parking in Disability Parking spaces is $500. But I am not sure whether the $500 parking fine is for the first offense or not. I think that the $500 parking fine might be for the third offense but I am not sure.

I do have a reserved Disability Parking space in the parking lot in front of where I live at. I seen cars illegally parked in my Disability Parking space at various times. I complained to the manager but the manager told me that the police can not do nothing about it since it is on "private property". The towing company that is responsible for my Disability Parking sign told me that they will ONLY accept calls from the manager to tow illegal parked cars from my Disability Parking space.

I also seen people park in such a way of where my Disability Parking space is completely empty but yet they completely blocked my empty Disability Parking space. I complained to the manager but the manager told me that the police can not do nothing about it since it is on "private property".

One time I was at a public facility that is on "private property" and I seen a car illegally parked in a Disability Parking space. I called the building/grounds security personal about the illegal parked car but yet they told me that the police can do nothing about it since it is on "private property". The building/grounds security personal NEVER did call a towing company to tow the illegal parked car away!

The way I see it, I think ALL USA states should give the police AND people with Disabilities the legal right to give legal parking violations tickets to illegal parked cars in Disability Parking spaces on "private property" also.

I have a son with severe physical limitations that require him to be in a wheelchair, and have experienced problems with illegal parking as well. My vehicle is equipped with a ramp to allow him to use his electric wheelchair, but I have found it makes parking more frustrating then ever. I not only need the space for my vehicle, but the space for ramp accessibility. It is utterly frustrating. There have been many times I cannot get him back in my vehicle because another car has parked too close. Even one foot over the line makes it impossible for me. I have had to take him back into the store and make him wait there till I move my vehicle to the end of the parking lot. Then go back in the store and help him all the way through the parking lot and into the vehicle.

One night I had had enough and began looking for fliers on the internet. I came across one that was not too harsh, but would hopefully get the point across. I now place these notes on cars that are illegally parked or parked over the ramp unloading/loading line.
I have not called the police yet, but I know that day will come.

I read an article a while back about a police department creating a group of illegal handicap parking patrollers. All volunteers of course, but they were given a cell phone, a camera, and the ability to make a difference! It is a wonderful idea and I would volunteer a few hours a week to better EDUCATE the drivers that abuse the rights of people who are disabled.
As for Maryann Cottrell, I think it takes courage. She is 100% right in her fight for people with disabilities. Many police departments are great, but no department has the man power to watch all.

Bravo! I see this too often and am disgusted! I, too, wish I could carry a camera and turn people in. It's so bad that, at one restaurant I frequent, individuals without disabilities even park in the access aisle for the accessible space. How exactly are they thinking someone with a disability is going to get in and out of their car? Who knows.

To HP:

Yes, I have also seen people without Disabilities even park in the access aisle for the accessible space.

I have also seen people without Disabilities park straddling the yellow line which divides the Disability Parking space from the Non-Disability (Regular) Parking space at a local post office.
These people are taking up one half of the Disability Parking space and one half of the Non-Disability (Regular) Parking space.

For MaryAnn Cottrell:

YOU GO GIRL!!! I have been a wheelchair user my entire life due to a birth defect. I, for one, sincerely appreciate ALL that you do, and I have decided to become just like YOU!! I am the mother of a ten year old and I will raise her the same way...

Though it is illegal to park in handicapped spaces, do not assume that any of the citations issued by Ms. Cottrell are valid. Ms. Cotrell appears to suffer from Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy. Her daughter is 'Legally Blind', which means that she has limited vision, and yet Ms. Cotrell takes every opportunity to scream at people that they are taking away her blind daughters space. The first post on here is written in the first person by Ms. Cottrell's daughter, who is also reportedly Autistic, if she did write this, then she would have Aspergers Syndrome which is a condition that would not physically incapacitate her in anyway. Ms. Cottrell is not motivated to help people with disabilities in anyway. Her one and only goal is to keep herself in the spotlight by using her adult daughter's alleged disabilities.

Since the text printed didn't include this fact, allow me to share it with you: 70% of the tickets that have been issued by MaryAnn have been DISMISSED. This lady will watch people pull into a spot and quickly take a picture before the driver even gets a chance to put the placard onto the rearview mirror (driving with anything hanging from the rearview is illegal, thus safe drivers take it down as they're driving). Don't have sympathy for her - she's a nut!

The average person believes that they have the right to publicly violate, with impunity, the rights of people with disabilities. When actions are taken by officials such as those at Rowan University an already dismissive attitude toward people with disabilities and our rights is reinforced. It is clear from the article that the Eagle players are not taking the issue seriously, why should they, University officials haven’t.

The players didn’t show for their court date. What responsible action will the court take? Will another dismissive message sent out into the community or will the players have their day in court?

To SJLocal:

I see that you are confused about my post (Posted by: PRCA on March 9, 2006 03:36 PM) and I want to clear up the confusion.

I do NOT know Maryann Cottrell AND Maryann Cottrell is NOT my mother.

I do NOT know Maryann Cottrell's daughter also.

If a person reads my post, they will see that I have a child who has Autism AND Mental Retardation ONLY. My child is NOT Blind.

Whereas Maryann Cottrell has a child who has Autism AND Blindness ONLY.

I can very easily understand how you got confused about my post (Posted by: PRCA on March 9, 2006 03:36 PM).

Take Care! :-)

Thank you Maryann!
Arrogant people that are parked in these zones illegally are discusting! I am not disabled, but I get extremely upset when I see the disrespect these people have for the law, themselves and he handicapped, just so they can get a few feet closer to the entrance of a store. Can you imagine what these people must think of thierselves? They were somehow born above the rest of us that obey the laws and understand why there is a law in the first place? This is just another example of why the rest of the world calls us arrogant Americans. NO, NOT BECAUSE John or Mary parked in a handicapped zone. BECAUSE hundreds of thousands of Johns and Marys do it every day and people like Maryann get harrassed because she needs to police the jerks.

You keep on doing what your doing Maryann. Just make sure you are careful not to accuse the innocent!

My Problem with this whole thing isn't that she's busting people while she's out and about, but that she's going out of her way to do it. If you're out doing your daily routine and you spot an offender, by all means, do what you have to do.

But to go out of your way, just in hopes of catching others making a mistake? I hope someone follows Maryann Cottrell around with a camera to make sure she drives EXACTLY the speed limit at all times, and never slightly rolls through a stop sign, rather than coming to a complete stop, or makes sure she properly signals 100% of the time before changing lanes, etc., etc., etc.

The bottome line is, we ALL violate some rule occasionally, and anyone who claims to do all things 100% by the book 100% of the time is just flat out a liar.

Since Maryann was talking about violations to handicapped, and she decided to tickets several Eagles players, lets go one step further.

Maryann, check the Eagles organization at the Lincoln Financial Field. You will see many violations of handicap rights. We have Handicap parking spots that are sold when they need to make "special" plans for VIPs. We have workers determining what handicapped people can access handicapped areas, such as elevators. We had a security person determine that the people in the seats behind us are not truly handicapped since they were amputees with prostetics. I beleive the quote was "you want special treatment, we should be in a wheelchair."

Some Handicapped seats are sold to people that are not handicapped with anyone on the party.

To Maryann Cottrell:
Of all the serious problems facing society, is it really a wise choice to focus so much of your precious time on how other people park? Perhaps you can find a more worthy cause on which to expend your talents and energy.

I'm just curious, but what makes this type of vigilanty different from any other type. The police and law enforcement agencies should be doing the jobs. I agree folks without the proper permits should not park in these spaces and it is appalling but who gives the civilians the right to think they should be able to write tickets??

While we're at it, let's take pictures of people with open alcoholic beverages in public and send them to the police. Let's take photos of people with more than 10 items in the express line and report them too. There a reason most cities have parking AUTHORITIES, to do THEIR job. So once again, yes it's not right to park there, but it's also not anyone's job/right to enforce it other than those in that profession.

I also get a kick out of people who HAVE the proper permits and use the spaces, then they go into the mall and WALK around for hours. So the first thing that needs to be fixed is that only people who NEED these placards should have them.

When my wife became legally blind three years ago due to complications from child birth the realities that people with disabilities realize on a day to day basis became quite obvious and personal to me. It is always difficult to understand the ramifications of your actions on another person with different needs if you care to think about them at all, I am not condoning this statement but rather make the statement based upon reality of every day life.

Though I agree with the principal actions taken by Ms. Cottrell I believe that it may be more appropriate to try and educate the offenders rather than attack them. If leaving a flyer detailing why the actions of that person directly affect people with disabilities along with the reasons people with disabilities truly need those spaces a person may become aware and spread the word rather than defensive and combative.

Though my wife certainly qualifies for a handicap sticker in Illinois we have refused to obtain one since we refuse to take a spot away from an individual who may need it more than us.

In no part of the initial story did I see any reference to the mother being disabled. If she is not, then she should not be parking in these spaces without her daughter being with her. It's kinda like me trying to get a senior citizen discount because my grandfather is a senior citizen. I being a disabled person for many years hate all kinds of actions people take. Her actions will probable come back to haunt her one day just like the actions will come back on those idiots that park in those spots when they should not. Since I am the driver when my wife and I go out, we see if I'm going inside or not to make sure where I would be parking. If she is going in alone, then I WILL NOT park in a handicap spot since it would be unfair to those that could actually need it. Other times when all the handicap spots are taken, I will just park my car away from the pack and just wheel myself wherever I'm going. Sometimes I just need the excercise. One action I found that works is when my car gets blocked is to just wait until the person comes back and sees me sitting in my wheelchair waiting for them to move. That alone usually gets the point across without having to say a word.

Someone who knows where this woman lives needs to announce to the public where she lives and works and let's take it to her the way she has decided to take it to the small # of people that actually abuse the system.

I have one simple question for Ms Cotrell, why are you not spending time with your daughter and family. The time you spend on a personal agenda against a samll # of law breakers is taking time away from what I think would be time well spent handling matters in your home. Get a life !

Another clarification - people with autism are at times able to communicate in writing as well as verbally. To say that someone has Asperger's solely on their writing skills is impossible. Not all children with autism are nonverbal. This is why we call it "autism spectrum disorder."

Also - Van Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy suggests that a person inflicts harm on their progeny in order to gain something psychologically (I'm no expert in the disorder). Unless she somehow forced the hand to get a diagnosis of autism and blindness, she is not guilty of that, either, IMHO.

Maybe she does come on a bit strong (not all disabilities are visible - consider a family member with heart disease), but she is not guilty of misrepresenting those in the disability community from what I've read.

Maybe if police and parking officials were more vigilant towards the violators we wouldn't need people like Maryann Cottrell. I've seen too many instances where those responsible for enforcement have totally ignored those who park illegally in these spaces. On one occasion at the King of Prussia Mall, at the peak of the holiday season, I witnessed an Upper Merion police officer direct the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident to park in a handicapped spot in order to get him out of the line of traffic. I had been circling the parking lot looking for a handicapped spot for 15 minutes and approached the officer and explained the situation. I was smugly told to look for another space...he was "in the middle of an investigation".

While not being confrontational by nature, I have on occassion questioned people who are obviously not supposed to be using those spaces. One woman in an Eckerd's parking lot explained she had a terrible toothache and needed to get relief immediately. And a "gentleman" in a Staples lot offered the excuse that he had 2 young children in tow. In most situations though I'll have one of my sons put a sign on the windshield that simply says "30 seconds is too long if your not disabled" (I got those from a Disabled Veterans service organization).

The fact that parking placards are so easily obtained just worsens the problem. Usually all that is needed is a Doctors signature on a state provided form. And if you search the internet there are companies that offer placards that are very similar to those issued by states. At one time Philadelphia had an ordinance that allowed unlimited parking at meters with handicapped tags/placards but had to repeal it because so many people were abusing the privelege.

As far as high profile cases such as Trotter (McNabb gets a pass here because he had no involvement other than owning the car), community service should be made part of the fine. ESPECIALLY Trotter since that was his second offense. Time nor space allows me to comment on Philadelphia's most notorious celebrity offender, Allen Iverson.

Just my two cents.

Seriously, don't you have anything better to do? Do you guys really drive around all day with a camera looking for offenders. My lord, what is this world coming too. You deserve all the harrassment you have recieved! I feel your pain, people should be a little more considerate, but you've gone too far. over 300 people!, you are insane!

This woman needs to mind her own buisness. I would never park in a disabilty space, but to go out and hunt down people who do, what a lousy life!

Whether or not anbody would spend their time taking pictures of parking permit violators is one part of the issue.
The other part of the issue is that abuse of disabled parking spaces is endemic, and is also illegal.
The law is not some inconvenient trifle to be discarded when it affects you. Accepting endemic law breaking is not "minding your own business" as much as ignoring violations of the law.
I wouldn't personally do what she is doing, but she has a perfect right to do it, and anybody who suggests otherwise is talking nonsense.

You go Maryann. The scum that park in disabled parking spots should be named, shamed and embarrassed just like pedophiles and sex offenders. People that do this do not make an "honest mistake," like miss a stop sign or a traffic light, been there done that. They wilfully and consciously take away the opportunity of a disabled person to participate in daily life. They should be shamed and embarrased to the max. And yes, I know that there is a war going on in Iraq, and that the world is heating up etc etc. But Maryann cannot do anything about that. She obviously has found a way to deal with the parking lot scum. Bravo!!!

I'd think that if she found over 300 violators, that's a great sign there's a HUGE problem out there. After a day of being treated like crap by society the last thing I want to do is wait half an our in a parking lot while some AB prick gets themselves a haircut. The fact that she gives such a damn about my 56th discrimination experience of the day can make up for all of those who liken the welling lump in my throat to missing a stop sign.

For all the people who support Maryann Cotrell:
I am a 21 year old girl. I spent all of my life living with a severely handicapp sister,taking care of her every need, along with the help of my family; we are a team. She means the world to me. To add to that I also volunteered my time from 8th grade till just recently at handicap camps and schools, and for a year i worked at a School for the handicap. What Maryanne is doing is immature. She may have a valid point, handicap parking is for handicap citezens. BUT the way she is doing this is all wrong. I never park in resevered spots, I often get mad when I am in the car with someone who does, and i make them pull out of the spot and find another. But on this occasion (the wawa in glassboro by landmark) I did not see the sign, it was an honest mistake. I got out of my car and recieved a paper from what i know now to be "Mr. holland", and when i read I realized and said, "Oh, I will move i didnt know" When getting back into the car I realized that pulling out would be a bad idea, because I would run over Ms. Cotrell who was already taking my tags. I got out of the car, and asked her what exactly she was doing, and she smugly responded, "Do not talk to me". She is over reacting, and taking something into her hands that really belongs in the hands of the professionals. This is a fine idea, if you were a mature, and informative person, but she is acting like a child.

ONE LAST POINT: The sign i parked in front of said "HAndicapp Parking...." The signs next to that read... "NO SOLICITING" & "NO LOITERING".

Email me with ur responses because i have so many ways to prove her wrong, I only wish I could meet with her.

To Ashley Brennan:

I have various congenital physical Disabilities and my only child was born with Autism and Mental Retardation. We are NOT "Handicapped" and we are NOT "Disabled". Me and my child are "Persons With Disabilities" (PWD).

I noitced that you referred to your sister as "Handicapp" and that you used the word "Handicap" several times in your post. There are a lot of Persons With Disabilities (PWD) including me and my child that prefer the usage of the "People First Language" (PFL) when other people are referring to Persons With Disabilities) [(PWD)].

It is extremely easy to find information about the "People First Language" (PFL) on the Internet if you are interested in knowing more about the "People First Language" (PFL).

Take Care! :-)

I am not exactly sure what you are trying to convey with your message, im not really on this site to discuss the way you like to refer to yourself. That is the way that i have always refered to my sister, and will continue doing it. Also I was not on here to debate titles, i was on here to find out more information about Ms. Cotrell, because i plan on filing a complaint to Glassboro about her. (For Soliciting, Loitering, harrasment, and taking up a spot in an over crowded parking lot when not using the wawa facilities. ThANK YOU.

I am against Ms. Cottrell and her private war.

To all that feel the same contact me at

Update Maryann Cottrell:
There is a small donation container at Angelo's Diner, in Glassboro, NJ. On the container is a picture of a small boy suffering from Cancer.
Needless to say his mother is very sad and stressed driving her child to the doctors' etc.

Who should appear with digital camera in hand to confront her at the local K mart, but...yup Ms. Cottrell. An altercation occured, with Ms. Contrell signing yet another criminal complaint.

You go Maryann.....court is on April 27, 2k6.

To Joe (above):
Did the woman whom Cottrell went after have a "handicap parking" tag or license plate? If she has a boy with cancer, she could probably get such a tag. But if she didn't have one, then she can't park in a reserved spot.
Seems simple to me.
Was Contrell filming her parked LEGALLY in such a spot?

To Mary,
I believe she may have been parked in a handicapped w/o a tag.
Story goes the mother confronted Ms. Contrell as she was taking a pic of her car, (as all she ever does is photograph illegal parking, I assume it did not have a valid tag), she questioned what she was doing. She was told in some abusive language to **** off?? The woman lunged for Ms. Contrell and an altercation ensued. police were called and criminal charges were filed.
I believe the new court date is now on May 1, 2006, Glassboro, NJ.