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DC Seeks Legal Disability Language Change

The Washington Post reports a DC lawmaker has introduced two bills promoting respectful language in laws putting people first and their disabilities second. Guess what paper Tiger Woods doesn't read?


thank god! and bring on the backlash!

Great- now if only the "mainstream media" would follow suit and adopt similar practices! Governor Pataki vetoed similar legislation last year in New York State after both the New York Senate and Assembly passed it.

Yeah, I'm with Denise--this is fine, but hardly anyone ever reads such statutes, whatever their wording. The big impact will come with the major newspapers and broadcasters cut the "suffering and affliction" language.

It's got to start somewhere - even if the language used by the media won't change right away. Language can define how people are perceived and therefore how they are treated. I agree with the first comment of "bring on the backlash!" - a politically correct backlash will at least get people talking!

Language is important. I am all for it. Here in Cambridge, MA, any PWD who "complains" about discrimination based on physical disability is called "insane" or "crazy!" Explaining that that language is "offensive" results in clamour to have one banned from posting on the neighborhood list serv! So, I agree, "Bring On The Backlash!"

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