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Dan Hendricks Watch Moves Into High Gear

It's Derby Week in Louisville. Dan Hendricks is here. And that means... cripple stories galore! Mary Johnson in her Edge-Centric posting finds over 150... and counting. . . including gems like The Washington Post's Hendricks's Spirit Remains Unbroken and the New York Daily News's There is crying in racing. You don't even need to read these stories to know what they're about, do you?

And check out The Bloodhorse, the racing industry publication:
For Hendricks, Dealing With Media Hardest Part of Derby Experience

Read Johnson's blog entry here.


Great story. Pretty significant that he was back to work 2 months after the accident.

During the early "80's I was an exercise rider in Richard Mandella's barn, and Dan Hendricks was one of Dick's assistant trainers. Frequently, Dan would get up on one of the horses and ride out with us during the morining gallop (Hey Dan, remember Lithan?). Dan is not only a very good trainer, he is a great horseman. I can only imagine how hard it has been for Dan to adapt from the hands on trainer to dealing with his new limitations. I applaud his perserverence and am really proud to say I knew him when.

Colleen Culver

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