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Disabled NYC Coalition Calls MTA's New Service Animal Rule 'Discriminatory and Illegal'

A new NYC Transit rule passed in September allows police or transit officials to refuse to allow service animals on New York City public transit "if, in their sole discretion, they believe that such animal poses a safety threat."

The NYC Disabled Riders' Coalition is calling the move discriminatory and illegal.

"This rule is a blatant violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which says that service animals must be permitted into any public accommodation, which would certainly include buses and subways," says Todd Walerstein, who is blind and uses a guide dog. Walerstein is speaking this morning at a press conference. Later today the group
and plans to protest today at the MTA's New York City Transit Committee meeting. The Coalition says that if the TA does not act quickly to address this issue, they will not rule out the option of legal action, "be it through a formal complaint with the FTA, litigation against the TA or other action."

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