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Many disability groups oppose Alito

Yesterday we reported that the American Association of People with Disabilities and the National Organization of the Deaf had sent a letter to Judiciary Committee leadership expressing "concern" about Alito's stances on disability rights. In a later email issued by Justice for All, both groups stressed they had not taken a position opposing Alito, however.

Other disability groups have. The ADAWatch / National Coalition for Disabilty Rights website lists national disability rights opposition and offers background information on Alito's anti-disability rights record.

Last week a number of groups, including Liberty Resources independent living center in Philadelphia, spoke out in opposition to Alito.

"As a Supreme Court Justice, Alito would pose a grave threat to the ability of individuals with disabilities to enforce their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, fair housing laws and the Olmstead precedent," says NCIL in a recent alert to its members. Alito's 1999 ruling in ADAPT v. HUD, said the group, gave HUD a 'free pass" in enforcing "regulations to ensure that public housing authorities provide accessible housing. "

Two dozen national and local disability rights groups have come out in opposition to Alito (see list). In late November the National Council on Independent Living sent a letter to Specter and Leahy outlining their opposition.