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Man With Multiple Disabilities Executed in CA

From the Associated Press:

Clarence Ray Allen, whose 76th birthday was Monday, was pronounced dead at 12:38 a.m. at San Quentin State Prison....

Allen, who was blind and mostly deaf, suffered from diabetes and had a nearly fatal heart attack in September only to be revived and returned to death row, was assisted into the death chamber by four large correctional officers and lifted out of his wheelchair.

Read story:
California Executes Oldest Inmate (Associated Press)


I'm torn. While it's irritating that opponents of capital punishment saw fit to give more attention to Tookie than to a disabled man, it's almost equally irritating that the story uses Allen's disabilities to play the "pity card" in the course of its agenda. Where's the equality?

I do not believe we should murder anyone under any circumstances BUT if we allow the death penalty and we want equal rights and the disability has no bearing on the crime - then the disability should have no bearing on the punishment.

I agree with Susan. I may not agree with the death penalty but I do believe that we should be treated equally.
This man was evil. He murdered and continued to pay people to murder in his name while behind bars. His disability has no bearing on the case.

I am intrigued I would like to know where I could find out more about this story.

....this isn't really a disability issue at all,but rather one of a man who was convicted long ago for murder,while he was not disabled,and a legal system that fiddled around so long that the guy grew old before they finally carried out the sentence.

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