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DC's MetroAccess Will Improve, Says New Transit Chief

Dan Tangherlini, who has taken over as interim general manager for the District of Columbia Metro transit system, has vowed to clean up the horrors of its MetroAccess pararatransit, which have been the subject of continuing stories in The Washington Post.

On Tuesday, The Post reported that Tangherlini has apponted "a group of managers to investigate and reduce the number of MetroAccess trips during which riders are stranded or picked up more than half an hour late." Tangherlini has admitted that "our service quality isn't what we want it to be, and we need to try to address it. . . . The fact is, we are -- and have been -- stranding people or leaving them for a long time."

Tangherlini said improving MetroAccess service is one of his top priorities.

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