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Woman With CP Killed By Her Mom

Chicago-area resident Nyakiambi Whitten, 34 years old and "diagnosed with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities," was killed Monday by her 57-year-old mother, who then reportedly drove the car with her daughter's body in it off an embankment. The mother, Betty C. Whitten, survived and was pulled from the wreck. Chicago authorities have charged her with murder and set a $2 million bail.

Police said Nyakiambi Whitten had been stabbed three times with a kitchen butcher knife in the family's home and was likely dead when she was put into the car.

Authorities " would not discuss a possible motive for the crime other than to say that Betty Whitten was under pressure from circumstances in her life and from caring for her disabled daughter,' reported the Chicago Tribune. (Read the Chicago Tribune story.)

"Worn out and depressed after years of caring for her severely disabled daughter, Betty C. Whitten fatally stabbed 34-year-old Nyakiambi Whitten, then apparently tried to kill herself," began the story in the Chicago Sun-Times. "'She was depressed, she just snapped," a law enforcement source said." (Read Chicago Sun-Times story.)