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Mother charged with trying to kill her 4-year-old daughter, who has cerebral palsy

A 32-year-old Pekin IL mother is being held in jail on charges that she tried to kill her 4-year-old daughter earlier this week. She was arrested yesterday "after the early morning hospitalization of her daughter, who has cerebral palsy." Read story from the June 22, 2006 Peoria, IL Journal Star. An excerpt:

"She's always been a good mom. She's always interacting with her (daughter)," said next-door neighbor Katie Gardiner.

Last month, another mother in the same community confessed to killing her autistic 3-year-old. Read more.

Not Dead Yet issued a statement calling for "restraint and responsibility" on the part of news media in covering this story.

Read Valerie Brew-Parrish, A name for this murder in the Joliet, IL Herald-News.


I find it "interesting" that (according to the article) although none of the neighbours knew the accused, Kellie Waremburg, personally, they still felt qualified to say things like "She's always been a good mom" and "She adores that little girl."

A followup in the Peoria Journal Star says the child was given "a drug cocktail including phenobarbital and 100 crushed sleeping pills to get her 'to go to sleep and not wake up.' "

The mother has "threatened to kill herself with a knife, according to court records."

More from the story:

The child, Lexus Fuller, also has to be fed through a tube, is physically disabled and uses a wheelchair, has blindness and mental retardation, all of which can be related to cerebral palsy, experts said.

The story quoted another "unnamed parent":

"It's obvious that she and Lexus love each other very much," said the woman, who did not want to be named.

"Having a child like this is stressful beyond belief, but any time I've ever seen her with any kids, she's just been fantastic. I think it's real easy to look like you're doing fine on the outside . . . it's really difficult. The worry is just constant."

It's an effing epidemic in central IL. And it's the Urinal Star's fault, at least partially.

Copycat crime. Down to the fake suicide attempt. If she WANTED to kill herself, she'd have found a blue line on her inner arm and cut it open. But ya know, gotta be prepared for that insanity defense.

I really am hating my old home area. They're despicable.

It is clear in situations like these that it is difficult to take the word of neighbors or other such people with no real connection to the accused based simply on the fact that they may simply just be searching for their 5 minutes of fame.

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