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Woman charged in death of disabled husband, 35

A St. Louis County woman was accused Tuesday of "recklessly causing" her husband's death last year by failing to feed him or get him proper health care.

Police said Darren Kimbrough, 35, was emaciated and lying dead in squalid conditions when officers arrived at his home last July to assist on a call for an ambulance.

Kimbrough had multiple sclerosis and was "bedridden," according to news reports. Read story in St. Louis Post Dispatch.


According to the article, the victim weighed only 70 lbs when he died. He used to weigh more than 3 times that. What a horrible way to die.

The accused, Andrea Kimbrough, is also charged with endangering the welfare of her 8 year old son. He was found sleeping amid trash on the couch (not to mention, he had to have witnessed his father (step-father?) dying a slow painful death of starvation.)

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