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Suffocated by "Restraints": 7-Year-Old Dies After Ninth "Restraint"

A story in Sunday's Duluth News Tribune reports that a 7 year old killed last month at a "conseling center" -- suffocating during a "restraint" -- had been similarly held down forcibly 8 other times.

Angellika Arndt, of Ladysmith, Wis., died May 26 at Children's Hospital & Clinics of Minnesota in Minneapolis, a day after police were called to the Northwest Counseling and Guidance Clinic in Rice Lake, Wis., on a report that she was unresponsive.

Arndt was a patient at the clinic and had been restrained by staff members for behavioral issues, police said.

Arndt died from complications of chest compression, which caused lack of air from a restraint hold she was placed in by staff members, Barron County District Attorney Angela Holmstrom has said.

Read story: Girl, 7, was restrained eight times before death at counseling center (Duluth News Tribune, June 25)


This is so very sad.

I hope those that did this to this little girl get many years behind bars. They absolutely deserve it.

Do they feel big and tough now? Typical low lifes.

My heart breaks that this little girl will never live to see Birthday #8 onwards. They snuffed out her life.

Those who were supposed to be responsible for the oversight of such abuse need to be imprisoned. They too, deserve prison time.

These incidences are not few and it's time they stop.

Killing kids! This is sickening and maddening as hell.


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