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CA Assisted Suicide Bill Defeated in Committee

The California state Senate's judiciary committee on Tuesday rejected a "right to die" bill modeled on Oregon's law.

From Oregon Public Broadcasting:

. . . the judiciary committee heard from opponents of the measure, including Marilyn Golden, with the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund. She warned that disabled people or the poor could feel pressure to end their lives. . . .

The deciding vote came from judiciary chair Joseph Dunn, who said he is too concerned that financial concerns by patients and the health care industry could drive legalized physician assisted suicide in the future.

Read article, CA Assisted Suicide Bill Fails In Committee


California rest in peace? Kudos to Judge Dunn for recognizing the potential dangers of the bill. Too bad the reporter gave the story a defeatist slant, as though Democrats and Republicans are as a matter of course resigned to their respective "sides", and as though Marilyn Golden were the only person on earth with exceptional ideas and showed up and ruined the party for everyone.

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