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More arrests made in abuse at Oakwood

Four staffers at the Kentucky institution Oakwood were arrested yesterday for beating a resident with a broomstick.

From the Courier-Journal:

The announcement of their arrests yesterday brings to 15 the number of staff members charged since 2004 with abuse or neglect of residents at Communities at Oakwood. The Somerset facility houses 260 people, some severely disabled. . .

Last week, four other Oakwood workers were arrested on abuse charges in connection with a resident's suffering a broken nose on a fishing trip last month.. . . .

State officials have said they have no plans to close Oakwood. . . .

"We should all be outraged. Our tax dollars are paying for this place," said Maureen Fitzgerald, head of KY Protection and Advocacy.

Read story Abuse charges mount at Oakwood


Now that's decent objective reporting. Appropriate language, etc. Too bad nobody's involving the input from anyone who actually lives at the facility. It's all parents of, advocates of. I find it hard to believe that not one person living at the facility is capable of offering an opinion or a contribution to the task force. Why aren't we hearing the voices of the residents? Do they feel intimidated? Or has it just not occurred to anyone to ask them?

most of the residents are non verbal, being the sister of one of the victims, he is non verbal and he has the mind of a four year old how does he tell someone that this is happening and how does he know any different since this has been happening for such along time, we are their voices

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