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KY Officials Renew $8 Million Contract with Manager of Oakwood

From the Courier-Journal story State renews contract with Oakwood manager:

Despite mounting abuse charges, Kentucky has opted to renew a contract with the Pennsylvania company hired last year to clean up the troubled Communities at Oakwood, the state’s largest facility for mentally retarded adults.

The 123-day contract was signed last week with Liberty Healthcare and is worth a maximum of $8.8 million. . .

Read story: State renews contract with Oakwood manager (Louisville Courier-Journal July 3, 2006 )


Can I just say "disgusting"?

As a former residential provider for people with mental retardation, this is NOT ONLY DIGUSTING BUT ABSURD, CRIMINAL, ETC.

Just another piece of evidence of the "second class" status of diisabled citizens in America. This systemic violence against persons with disabilities is disgusting and untolerable.

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