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Genesis revisited...

He hath learnt from the holy books
and he is learned in the ways of detection,
Any abnormality is abomination,
Pure is the race of man
and he learnt the unholy signs of sin
written on the bodies of the sinners.
He is offered worship, for he doth come
to save the pure and destroy the sinner.
The geneticist ordered Abraham
And he said, Take now thy son
Thine only son Isaac whom thou lovest,
who is a genetic abomination
and get thee into the hospital
That I shall tell thee of,
and offer him there
And he took his son
And they came to the place
That the holy and wise god
geneticist told him of
And bound his son on the table
And Abraham slayed his son

-- Philip Dowd

Philip Dowd is an Australian disability activist and Ph.D. candidate in disability studies.