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We've turned into a blog!

We've got a new look today -- Ragged Edge Online is turning itself into a blog! Well, a hybrid, anyway. Our LIBRARY has all of our old stuff. We'll be posting news, articles, stuff from EDGE-CENTRIC...

AND you can comment! That will be the easiest part (Here's how.). Join in!


Looks like a great new idea! I'll be visiting you often. This looks like it is going to be an easier way to comment on your articles. I have been a reader of Ragged Edge, and before that, Disability Rag, for many years. Now everyone is on the internet so this seems like a good idea. Good luck in your new endeavor.

From a mimeographed broadside to a leading-edge blog!

The site looks good and even more important is the message that you've made the leap from Gutenberg to Berners-Lee in a very short time.

By encouraging individuals in the DRM to learn these new avenues for effective interaction, you have given voice to many who thought this was a "geek" thing to do.



It is good to see that Ragged Edge is coming of age and moving into the main stream.I after a journey of forty years as a person with a disabiltiy am turning more and more to the skeptic side of life.
The same old entrenched bureacuchy has control of all the systems tht serve people with disabilties. These agencies serve as vast employment projects for people who are not disabled. They provide niches for Professionals and Para Professionals and ever type of specality that you can imagine . They pay fairly well and provide comfortable middle class life syles to those who shelter there.
Most of the success stories i have seen of people with disabilties are people who are unwilling to advocate for their brethern. Of course ones own life can serve as a testimony but because of the gap between the ins and outs there is a huge problem of perception. I have mostly gotten little or nothing from people who are disabled who i approached to assist with opporunity enrichment for other Gimps.
The same groups are pulling the same capers they were fify years ago. We are still on the same topics and more and more Gimps fall onto income transfer payments. Many suffer the consequences as conservative hemography reins supreme and major cuts are looming in medicare and medcaid and other programs.
We need to fight to see that such agencies as Voc. Rehab hire a majority of people with disabilties. If we can staff programs we insurer at least visabiltiy and in time hopefully a stronger group conciousness of what needs to be done .
Gary Roberts


How did folks with disabilities, relative to other demographics, fare with this Katrina storm? I know those in the nursing homes got screwed pretty bad - but overall, did they get them outta there and we are only hearing the bad things?

What are some non-RedCross low-overhead organizations we can donate to, so that at least 90% of the funds go to those with disabilities, the kiddos w/no families and the folks who need assisted living and can't fend for themselves?

Thanks -

Welcome to the crip blogging community! :)

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