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Lawrence Carter-Long Joins MediaCircusBlog

Lawrence Carter-Long has joined us as a Media Circus blogger! Welcome, Lawrence!

Besides being an avid media observer and film buff, Lawrence is the Network Coordinator for the Disabilities Network of New York City. He's been featured as a guest on dozens of regional and national media outlets including NBC's THE TODAY SHOW and CNN. He has facilitated workshops on effective communication techniques, and lectured at conferences, colleges and universities across the nation. In addition to blogging for Ragged Edge Online, Lawrence is a Contributing Editor for SATYA magazine, which, in his words, "strives to facilitate dialogue among social justice activists on a variety of diverse issues." He's also a producer on WBAI's Largest Minority radio show, where he reports on disability arts, culture and community. He lives in Brooklyn with three feline pals, Charlie Bear, Toby and Pierre, and his human partner, Catherine Clyne.

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