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Confessions of a Cash Cow

"As a person with very significant disabilities -- including mobility impairment, respiratory complications and swallowing difficulties -- I'm what's called a "high-end user" of attendant services," wrote activist Laura Hershey in the Nov/Dec. 2001 issue of Ragged Edge.

"In a progressive state like Massachusetts, I'd probably be authorized 24-hour services, and I'd get to manage the money and the services. But in Colorado, where I live, 'high-end' means only 10 hours a day.

I know a few other adult Coloradans even more disabled than me, and 10 hours is their limit too.

Why? You might assume that the problem is a lack of money. Wrong. The problem is where the money goes: It pours into the coffers of a home health agency -- which is presumed to be able to run my life better than I could. "

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