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Blogging The Blind Would-Be Chef

A blind job applicant for a restaurant job is a subject of a New York Times magazine piece last Sunday. The piece is not flattering, to say the least. The disability community is talking about it on the listservs -- in Teri Adams' Crip Chronicles blog and on the on the AFB blog, where Carl Agusto calls it " possibly the most insidious, offensive thing I have ever read about someone who is blind."


I tracked down this New York Times article in their archives. It is one of the most hateful and evil articles I have ever read about a person with a disability by a non-disabled "person." I could never imagine the New York Times publishing an article about any other minority group that uses such language and mockery.

Has the New York Times received any letters condemning this writing? Has any individual or organization sent letters of protest directly to the restaurant owner?

I don't understand the conservative press, nor do I understand the so-called "progressive" press (supposedly the NYT) anymore. To be honest, this article is yet another reason why I have given up on humanity all together. I think I'll go pet my dog now.

I am not sure why the New York Times ran this, and why there are not more letters of protest appearing. Can anybody tell me?

Can you imagine the uproar if this were an article about a woman who 'can't' be a construction worker because she's a woman?

What's the point of writing an article just to show someone can't do something, just to get a few cheap laughs?

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