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Ryan Stops Sitting In

"Today is the 12th day of the 'Starving for Access' protest and I have decided that it will be the last day I sit in front of Michigan School for the Deaf (MSD)," writes Ryan Commerson. The starvingforaccess.com blog has it all.

On Monday we told you about Ryan's hunger strike, then starting its 8th day. See why he plans to leave his post, and what he's planning to do next. And learn about the whole issue that started his sit-in.

Read the Starving for Access blog.


“Deaf people don’t consider themselves disabled. We are a language and cultural minority. Our needs are just to get access to A-S-L.”

This speaks volumes. If you cannot hear you are not disabled. An interesting approach which may explain why the deaf folks seem to be apart from the disability fray. I do believe that unless we learn to speak with one voice and whether folks like to believe it or not, being deaf in our culture is a disability, the disability culture will not make the progress it is capable of making.

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