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ADAPT - stuck in a rut?

ADAPT is in Tennessee this week for a week of actions to draw attention to the need to shift federal and state funding from institutions and toward more community-based and in-home supports.

From Kevin Gadsey's Chaironwheels Blog:

"Just last summer, I met Kafka and several ADAPT chiefs at NCIL, coming back to Alaska fired up and ready to form an ADAPT group. When I found out they were going to Tennessee, I was so looking forward to returning and fighting with them. Due to a scheduling problem, I was unable to go, and am now glad that I didn't...." Read entire blog entry.

Nashville's City Paper covered the start of the protests, and by the time we put up this blog entry here, there'd been 89 comments about ADAPT and its tactics in Nashville. Read the comments here.


Our struggle, like every other struggle for equality, will not resonate with everyone. ADAPT has never been about winning popularity contests, it is about freedom.

The Emancipation Proclamation was written during a civil war when two sides disagreed so vehemently that they put their lives on the line.

It is important that we in the disability rights movement not let our dreams be split asunder.

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