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BADD NEWS: Crips Enter Blogosphere

It's starting to happen: More and more crips, gimps, famous and not-so-famous, are entering the blogosphere.

In celebration of Blogging Against Disablism Day, then, some new entries:

News reporter and all-round famous crip John Hockenberry has launched The Blogenberry. Quintessential Hockenberry observations ("Rummy-nations... and a trip to Walter Reed", among others) on a really beautiful format (we at REO are envious).

And Bill Stothers is blogging now! The former-newsman-turned-editor of Mainstream magazine back in the 1980s and 90s, Stothers is now back in what we think is his natural element -- observing and writing. Here he takes a look at an upcoming U Penn "special symposium" -- read his blog entry to see what THAT's about -- and says he'd rather be at Not Dead Yet's 10th anniversary bash (we missed it -- it was last week). Earlier entries on robotic legs and leading horses to water . . . -- which is really about getting reporters to cover disability the "right way" . . . Go visit.

Barbara Angelica Crowe, another boomer with post-polio syndrome like Stothers, has started publishing Croneway. And the shy British woman who's not Gillian McKeith but who, like her, has scoliosis, has started -- what else? -- a not Gillian McKeith blog, joining the venerable group of British Crip Blogs including Diary of a Goldfish, the instigator of BADD, and the redoubtable Perorations of Lady Bracknell.

Our longtime collaborator, Dave Reynolds, who provides this site with his Inclusion Daily stories, has started his own editor's blog -- check it out at Inclusion Daily Blog, and get Reynolds's take on the news he reports.

We've added these new blogs to our Blog listing in the first column of our front page.


That's always good to hear. I hope not just the disabled activists, but the other disabled of the world do so. I have spina bifida. I have maintained a blog (linked above) for about four months, now, but blog mostly about just universal things. Nothing terribly deep, but I have made friends in the blogosphere, for sure. It's a nice little hobby.

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