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A fake group? A front group?

Who the heck is the "American Organization of Disabled Persons"? That's what Dave Reynolds wants to know. The group was listed, along with others we do know, by UPS in their effort to defend themselves against what is beginning to seem to be a pattern of lawsuits (read stories here and here and here ).

Dave Reynolds, in his blog, says he would like to know more about the group. Read his blog entry.


Yeppers, looks like a front group to me too. This bigoted world!

Good for Dave for spotting that!

NOTE TO DAVE: I wish your comment section didn't require bloggers only for comments. I had a great comment written up (well, great according to me anyhow) on your April's blog about the Journalist who did an article about an attorney with Cebral Palsy and all the journalist did, AFTER say this attorney stated he did NOT want to be known for his disibility, was to focus most of his news article on just that! The disability!

This reminds me of the latest rounds on the horse trainer story.



Good Job Dave!! The only type of employee the UPS wants is young, strong, able-bodied people to sort heavy packages.

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