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Was it less than two years ago when we looked around for disability blogs and could find only a handful? Today there are hundreds if not thosands of bloggers writing about disability.

What's a person to do when there are only so many hours in the day, and hours and hours of good blog surfing to be done?

What one does is make a very short list. Herewith, my list:

I have to admit that as time passes I find myself starting my blog surfing most days with a visit to two blogs: Disability Studies, Temple U and The Gimp Parade. Between the two, I learn a lot about what's going on in the disability blogging world.

There are many many very good blogs out there -- ones I try to visit often. Others, I'll admit, have only warranted a visit or two. Some focus too much on the medical aspects of disability to be of much interest to Ragged Edge. Others seem to change infrequently. But I know I'm almost sure of finding something new at Disability Studies, Temple U and The Gimp Parade. So I start with those.

And these two blogs seem to maintain nice, updated blogrolls, too -- so I can find out about new disability blogs there as well.

I also make it a point to visit Sam Bagenstos' Disability Law blog -- a really good source for breaking news about the latest in significant disability legal developments. It's timely, it's short and Sam makes legal stuff easy to understand even for us non-lawyer types.