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The long & sorry history of discrimination against people with disabilities in the United States -- and its likely causes

Sept./Oct. 2000         

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Briefs filed in the case

For the Petitioners (University of Alabama)

The Petitioner's Brief
through Findlaw in PDF format
through Findlaw in unproofed text format

Amicus brief of Hawaii, Arkansas, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio and Tennessee supporting Alabama.


Disability rights briefs supporting the Respondents (Garrett, et. al.)
Brief of Minnesota, Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Vermont, and Washington

Links to many other disability rights briefs, as well as an explanation of what they contain, can be found at www.bazelon.org/garrettcase.html#briefs


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The light-colored type running down the edge is a listing of the hundreds of state statutes, session laws, and constitutional provisions that illustrate pervasive state-sponsored discrimination against persons with disabilities, dating from the late nineteenth century through the time of the ADA's enactment and (in some cases) to the present. To read this list, click here.

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