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"Crippendales": "Murderball" meets "Full Monty"?

by Dave Reynolds (subscribe)

LONDON, ENGLAND--Remember the movie, "The Full Monty", in which six unemployed steel workers follow one man's dream and together form a comedic male striptease act?

Now, imagine that same plot line, only with the leader in a wheelchair, and his buddies all having physical disabilities.

That's essentially the idea behind the new documentary entitled "The Crippendales".

The 24-minute documentary reportedly follows Lee Kemp, a cool wheelchair user who wants to be a stripper. He recruits his friends to learn to bump, grind and dazzle the ladies at the "girls' night out" clubs.

Director Havana Marking told The Guardian that the film, which is being screened privately in London this month, was an attempt to challenge the assumptions many people have about the sexuality of people with disabilities.

In preparing for the movie, the five lead actors worked with The Adonis Cabaret Show, and trained under Jo King from the London School of Striptease.

I haven't seen it, but disability groups in England are raving about the film, which has been chosen for the New York Film Festival.

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