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The 10th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act spawned a large number of stories in U.S. news media outlets -- sometimes with extra reports in the online editions. Newspapers also ran opinion articles from disability writers.

Here's a sampling of the coverage:

Collecting on a Promise: Disabled say they are still in fight for rights 10 years after disabilities act - San Francisco Chronicle (Jul 26, 2000)

Free Our People: Washington Post series marks ADA's 10th birthday.

ADA's 10th Anniversary Marked With Initiatives - The Washington Post (Jul 27, 2000)

The Washington Post Special Report: The Americans with Disabilities Act

Disabilities Act a Decade Later: Activists Cautiously Celebrate 10 Years of Progress - ABC News (Jul 26, 2000)

Seeking Laws for Disabilities of the Attitude - NY Times (registration req'd) (Jul 26, 2000)

10 years later, Disabilities Act gets thumbs up - Rocky Mountain News (Jul 26, 2000)

Americans with Disabilities Act law 10 years old - Cincinnati Enquirer (Jul 26, 2000)

Advocates for disabled say they want more - Toledo Blade (Jul 26, 2000)

Disabled marking 10 years of ADA - PioneerPlanet (Jul 26, 2000)

Clinton marks passage of disabilities act, announces government hiring initiative - CNN (Jul 26, 2000)

Clinton Orders Hiring More Disabled - AP (Jul 26, 2000)

Disabled people say city makes the grade - Indianapolis StarNews (Jul 26, 2000)

Clinton Urges Government to Hire 100,000 Disabled - Reuters (Jul 26, 2000)

For Ogle, Heading Presidential Task Force Continues a Life of Advocacy - Washington Post (Jul 26, 2000)

Gore Warns Disabled of Bush High Court - Los Angeles Times (Jul 26, 2000)

Solution sought on curb lawsuit: City, disabled seek mediator - Sacramento Bee (Jul 26, 2000)

A decade later, Disabilities Act has made its mark in schools - Christian Science Monitor (Jul 25, 2000)

Is the disabilities act working? - CNN (Jul 25, 2000)

Gore Unveils Disabled Rights Package - AP (Jul 25, 2000)

U.S. law removes obstacles - Ohio.com (Jul 24, 2000)

Mother's dedication levels the playground for disabled children - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Jul 23, 2000)

Disabled Athletes Note Progress - AP (Jul 23, 2000)

Progress, Setbacks in Disability Law - AP (Jul 22, 2000)

Despite gains, disabled lag in jobs, health care - San Francisco Examiner (Jul 20, 2000)

Searching for the Fair Way - Washington Post (Jul 17, 2000)

Disability Act's progress, limits marked - Boston Globe (Jul 14, 2000)

The Struggle for a Curbless World - Washington Post (Jul 14, 2000)

Disabled celebrate 10th anniversary of law guarding rights - Chicago Tribune (Jul 10, 2000)

Deaf worker's suit puts spotlight on disability law's impact - originally ran in the Boston Globe July 30, 2000

Tour carries torch for civil rights laws to protect disabled - San Francisco Examiner (Jun 18, 2000)

Court rejects paralyzed athlete's bid for workers' comp - Dallas Morning News (Jun 16, 2000)

Final Talks in Access Suit Against Macy's - San Francisco Chronicle (Jun 15, 2000)

Advertising: Skeptics Question Christopher Reeve's Madison Avenue Connections - NY Times (registration req'd) (Jun 15, 2000)

Opinion articles by . . .

Andrew J. Imparato, President of the American Association of People with Disabilities, in The Washington Post

William Stothers, Center for An Accessible Society in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Josie Byzek of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, in The Philadelphia Inquirer

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